December 10, 2020

Basic Techniques To Ensure Your Outdoor Equipment Is Safe & Secure

A couple of years before, my garage were broken into. The thieves picked the low hanging fruit; they took a few of backpacks left flooring the toolbox of our ATV trailer. Within those packs was fifteen years of accumulated outdoor gear and fishing. When we started calculating the price to change the missing things, we were dumbfounded. It’s astounding just how much we invest in CamelBaks. Often, quality outside equipment is acquired over an extended time. A trick here, a trick there, it’s hard to move out of a sports equipment store without dropping a minimum of twenty dollars. And when travelling, many anglers will typically look at local sports equipment store for certain lures which work well within the region.

The problem is, a lot of the things in our packs weren’t replaceable. Like my dad’s fishing lures or maybe my grandfather’s hand tied flies. Or maybe the anniversary edition Leatherman multitool I received as a present a few years back. And then there is the Florida Gators sweatshirt I purchased during our anniversary vacation previous spring. Outrageously expensive – no. Priceless sentimental value – absolutely. I wonder whether the individuals that stole our property gave it a second thought. Do they really feel awful? Do they steal because they’re poverty stricken fishermen? I do not think so. Odds are, the knives & multi tools is pawned and everything shall be tossed out. Thus in the tail end, it’s very likely they stole more than $1,500 of outdoor gear to net hundred dollars at the pawn shop. Apart from becoming furious, we’re worried that the thieves will return. Our garage is crammed full of outside equipment. A canoe, kayak, two pontoon tubes, a trolling motor, an ATV trailer, tools, lanterns, life jackets, sleeping bags, tents, 2 4-wheelers, 2 motorcycles, along with countless other outside treasures are stuffed into our 2 car garage. My wife’s fishing license was hidden in the pocket of the backpack of her. Mentioned on the fishing license is the address of ours, the day of her of birth & driver’s license number. This helps make identity theft a practical concern.

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